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The shirt and the tie are the first two things that make immediate first impression when meeting or working with someone. Those items bring identity to a classic professional Men’s Attire and any proactive, confident and independent man should combine them properly in order to convey the desired message. A proper shirt combined with suitable tie can, not only, make a great first impression, but win you small work encounters as people unconsciously respond positively to a well-orchestrated business look.

Feeling good for yourself is another key factor for success and a high quality shirt and tie will enhance your confidence, thus improving your professional relationships. If you want to demonstrate that you are motivated to make professional achievements and are focused on career development, a stylish shirt in white or blue will be the correct choice. Fine-striped designs are also suitable for office wear if you want to stand out and have a more sociable appearance.

In case you want to attract more female attention on social events, you can opt for bolder shirt choices, such as wider stripes, floral accents on the collar and cuffs, inspirational and passionate colours, including pink and purple. Complement your look with a tie in playful patterns and you will no doubt feel inspired, empowered and knowledgeable.

The shirt is essential for your appearance when you attend formal gatherings and special occasions. It would be appropriate to choose a white formal shirt with double cuffs and cufflinks. A shirt in darker blue colour is also a good choice, but at such event the focus drops very much on the shirt details – cuffs, collar and the accessories – cufflinks, tie-pins, handkerchief pocket squares, belts and shoes.

Men’s Attire helps you gain more clarity about shirts and the way of combining them with proper ties and accessories in order to create a perfect look and make great impression regardless of the occasion.

 by Mathew McDonahy